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Bicycle Chain Cleaner Widget

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Dirty drivetrains shift poorly and wear out prematurely so it is essential to keep them clean.

This product will give you clean chains, freewheel cogs and chain rings quickly and easily. A MUST HAVE if you really care for your bike!

  • Multi GearWorks with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models.
  • chain oil brushWhen finish cleaning, dry the chain and then brush with chain oil to avoid rust.
  • bracketUtilizes a single clamp in the middle of the device to lock the product together when cleaning.
  • FreewheelFor free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain.
  • coaster brakesFor bikes with coaster brakes, the bicycle must be elevated or flipped over in order to work
  • Direct to chainCleaner clips directly to the chain-no need to remove the chain from the bicycle-cleans quickly and easily in just one minute.
  • mineral spiritsSimply fill the chamber with your choice of cleaner. Purists insist the best cleaner is mineral spirits and others prefer citrus degreaser- the choice is yours!
  • heavy dutyMade from heavy duty plastic to ensure a lifetime of superior performance. No flimsy metallic pieces to rust and break away. No useless sponges that fall off after a few uses. Just simple, thorough, rotating scrubbing brushes encased in strong plastic to keep your chains clean.
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